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Prices: $5 – $30

Delivery Time: 3-7 days

Report: Full report in .xlsx, .txt
Network Details:
  • Website with subdomain (e.g example.wordpress.com, thissite.example.com)
  • High index rate (80% of the links are indexed naturally within 2-4 weeks)
  • We accept foreign anchors/keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide?

  1. Website url (You can provide maximum 1 pair of URLs combination per order)
  2. Keywords for anchor text













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Can You Provide Samples?

Below are sample of websites




What Will The Article Content Be?

We are using scraped and spun articles that’s working well for link building. They are not meant to be read by humans. Articles vary in length and may or may not contain images or videos. If the article quality is very important for you, you may also provide your own article or buy our extra.

How Many Unique Domains That You Have?

Currently, we have around 30-50 unique domains. However, all of the posts will going into different subdomains.

Are The Links Permanent?

The links will stay permanent on the site as long as the site is live.

Do You Accept Foreign Language Keywords/Website?

Yes, we do – although your content will be in English.

Are These Blogs Niche Specific?

No. They are general blogs.

What is your Refund Policy and Ranking Guarantee?

I wanted to make this section extremely clear. We are selling PBN links. We are not selling guarantees here. You have to make good Link building plan with PBN links. We will deliver what we described. There is no refund after we confirm the order.

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